Detail Plus Car Appearance Systems
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DETAIL PLUS had its beginnings in the first new car pre-delivery centers of the early 1950's where thousands of new cars were delivered by rail and truck to these centers prior to delivery to the new car dealers.

Having to process several hundred cars per day including, washing, waxing, and spot cleaning required automated equipment that would provide high volume capability with high quality results.

Many different systems were developed and utilized in these pre-delivery centers that became the prototype for todays DETAIL PLUS systems.

Since that time, DETAIL PLUS has devoted countless hours to research and development to provide the auto appearance industry with equipment and technology that is offered by no other company in the industry, anywhere in the world.

Today DETAIL PLUS has auto appearance centers all over the world using some, or all of the DETAIL PLUS Systems.

DETAIL PLUS is also the only company in the world that offers comprehensive training programs in all phases of the cosmetic car care business. The training programs are supported by manuals, videos, and hundreds of pages of printed materials.

DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems is headed by founder and president, R.L. "Bud" Abraham who has nearly 30 years of experience in the cosmetic car care industry as an operator, manufacture, and consultant.

The foremost expert in the industry, Abraham regularly conducts seminars at the International Car Wash & Detailing Expo; NACE; Western Car Wash & Detailing Expo; and by invitation, in several countries.

He also is a contributing editor for numerous automotive trade journals including: Professional Car Washing & Detailing; Automotive Services Operator; Auto Remarketing; Automotive Body Repair News.

Abraham's vision for the auto appearance industry, and in particular the detail industry, is to see it grow and mature to the point of being recognized and required auto service.