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MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet)

DETAIL PLUS Chemical MSDS listed by product:

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800 Grit Compound
1200 Grit Compound
Acid Maintenance Cleaner
April Fresh Air Freshner
Bedliner Shine
Black Beauty Polish
Car Wash Shampoo
Carnuba Wax
Carpet & Upholstry Shampoo
Carpet Color Plus
Carpet Color Plus - Dye
Carpet Color Plus - Dye Penetrant
Clay Plus - Grey
Clay Plus - Yellow
Diamond Cutting Compound
Diamond Shine Plus
Engine Plus
Express Wax
Extractor Rinse
Extractor Shampoo
Fabric Plus
Fine Finish Plus
FreeGold Activator
Glass Cleaner
Grey Clay
Ink Remover
Lemon Air Freshner
Lustre All
Mink Plus
Odor Rid Plus
One Step (2000 Grit)
Orange Plus All-Purpose Cleaner
Patriot Polish
Sealer Wax
Sponge Clay Pad

Stain Removal System:

Clear Solution (SR-1)
Grease & Tar Remover (SR-2)
Juice and Red Dye (SR-3)
Tannin Remover (SR-4)
Rust Remover (SR-5)
Pet/Odor Remover (SR-6)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Swirl Away Polish
Tar and Grease Remover
Teflon Plus
Tire, Wheel, & Body Cleaner
Wash & Wax
Water Repellent
Waterless Car Wash Polish
Waterless Wash n' Shine
Wheel Cleaner (non-acid)
Windshield Glass Repair - UV Curing Adhesive
Windshield Glass Repair - UV Curing Adhesive/Crack Filler